Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Just got the email about the new website being ready to use. Nice job by the way.

Got a quick question though. I have a website which I have built and maintain which costs a fair amount to operate. Is it possible to just link my name to my website instead of having to have you build a new one on the SAL site? It would save work on your part and money on mine.

A.  The Slidell Art League (SAL) use to have a website that did link to independent websites and I am told it did not work very well for the users or the artists. In fact, when I was asked to fix the website it was no longer functional and the independent websites displayed errors, some were very frustrating to navigate, and others were just outdated. We did not want to go down that road again. So I set out to design a system of linked websites to make navigating from one Members website to another Members website an easy and enjoyable experience for all users. I think this is accomplished by giving users the same look and feel across link-in websites, works of art galleries, interactive blogging, stories and the ability to do safe online commerce. I know that eyes are now being drawn to the SAL facebook page and the new SAL website and that’s a good thing for SAL and the linked-in members. It’s a “Win Win” for both parties. To support and maintain SAL standards across the system, all linked-in websites must be developed under the SAL umbrella. The cost to support and maintain the Members website are minimal and also helps to defray the cost for the SAL website.


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